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Pampering Body Treatments & Waxing

Bring your body, mind, and soul into harmony with body treatments from Farashé The Day Spa in Columbia, Maryland. Our treatments stimulate metabolism, activate the skin functions, and relax the body. Vichy shower is included with all body treatments.

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap… $100 (60 Minutes)
Detoxifies & Exfoliates the Body with a Warm Purifying Seaweed & Mineral Mud Poultice | Improves Elasticity of Skin Tissue, Increases Circulation, Speeds up Metabolism, & Releases Toxins

Shirodhara Treatment… $135 (60 Minutes)
Simple technique of placing a fine stream of warm oil on the middle of the forehead |  Recharges the body, brings clarity to the mind and offers a quiet space to experience our true selves  |  Recommended for promoting deep relaxation  | Helping with stress headache | Alleviation of insomnia and improving the quality of your sleep

Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub… $95 (45 Minutes) | $125 (90 Minutes with Sea Mud Wrap)
Mineral-Rich Sea Salt Combined with Dried Seaweed, Aromatic Oils, & Fruit Enzymes to Smooth & Soften the Entire Body | Can Be Customized with Hydroxy Acid or Botanical Detox Complex

Lipo-Fitness… $155 (60 Minutes)
Ultimate Slimming & Detoxifying Body Wrap Based on an Innovative Liporeverse Concept with Glaucine-Caffeine Complex | Paraben & Fragrance Free | Liporeverse Concept Specifically Targets Fat Maturation & Transforms Fat into Fibroblast-Like Cells for Simultaneous Action on the Appearance of Cellulite & Skin Firmness | Activates Glyceroporine & Glucopoorine Channels, Promoting Evacuation of Fats & Sugars from the Body | Activates Cell Exchange That Helps to Rebalance Lipid Metabolism | Promotes General Metabolism & Slimming Effects

Turkish Body Treatment… $145 (60 Minutes)

Treatment takes place in a Vichy shower where the body is cleaned and rinsed with hot water  | Top layer of the skin is removed with the use of a special kese glove  | The procedure is completed with a whole body relaxation massage and results in a boost of energy and a total body cleansing

Foot Bath Ion Cleanser… $55 (20 Minutes) 

A detox that pulls toxins out of the body through the feet | Helps to facilitate the alkalization process through the process of ionization, which removes “free radicals” from the body

Add-on Turkish Kese… $35


Woman - Body Treatments

Body Smoothing

Be confident and show some skin with body waxing from our spa. Farashe' The Day Spa offers fast removal of hair for both women and men, using high-quality, natural wax. Our wax is also antibacterial and antimicrobial, making it safe and harmless for the skin.

Waxing A semi-permanent form of hair removal using a thin layer of wax and strips to remove the hair from the root.

Full Leg & Bikini… $90.00 & up
Upper Leg & Bikini… $55 & up
Full Leg… $79 & up
Half Leg… $39
Full Back (Female)… $61 & up
Lower Back… $29
Full Chest… $61
Stomach… $29
 Arm (Full)… $60 
Half Arm… $35
Underarm… $19
Full Face… $69
Upper Lip… $13
Eyebrow… $19
Lip & Brow… $35
Lip & Chin… $31
Lip, Brow, & Chin… $39
Sideburns… $31
Toes… $11
Bikini Line… $31 & up
Brazilian Bikini… $59 & up
Egyptian (Totally Bare)… $69 & up

Threading The use of a thin piece of cotton thread and swiped quickly against the skin to remove hair at the root.

Lip & Chin… $31
Lip & Brow… $35
Lip… $13
Eyebrows… $25
Forehead… $15
Full Face… $79
Shaping… $35
Side Burns… $31


Tinting – A semi-permanent stain added to the eyelashes and eyebrows for added definition

Lash or Brow...$21
Lash or Brow...$35
Lip… $13

No Exfoliation for 36 Hours after Waxing


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